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Hi. I have been unemployed for 1 year and 6 months. I'm trying my best to land a graphic design job but get tuend back quite often. I'm here for any critique on my portfolio. You can find it here:

Many thanks,
Hi George, I can't offer any specific feedback on your work as my background is more illustration than graphic design, but I have some general points.

I'd consider splitting your portfolio in two. One for graphic design and one for VR games.

Simplify everything. People simply won't read all the info you've presented here, make it easy for them.

Try and focus on what the goal was, and how it was achieved. Detailing that you paired a logo with graphics is usually a given. Designers solve problems for their clients. What was the problem and what was the solution?

Hope that helps.
Here's what I think: Your portfolio needs to be simple to browse and comprehend. Aim for high-quality images and refrain from using excessive text.

The answer may be found by investigating a company's design aesthetic and customizing your portfolio to fit. If you're applying for a job at a particular firm, find out what kind of work they do and adjust your portfolio accordingly.
Not trying to be mean or anything but sometimes it's better to be honest rather than try and sugar coat it... IMO the work shown on Behance isn't at a high enough standard to stand out, it's also 2 or more years old. Companies are basically able to pick and choose who they want to hire because graduate graphic designers are over saturated and there's also the rise of AI so they can save time etc. Put simply, I can find other graduates who show better work than you and will likely be just as cheap as you to hire.

The quality of the uploaded images are poor and it actually contradicts some of the text at the top about being detailed orientated. They're pixelated and as someone who does 3D design, the VR stuff is pretty low quality 3D work as well, if it was me I'd actually remove them.

What you probably need to do is get some personal projects done and upload them, remove all the date references on the work while you're at it. Your portfolio also kind of comes across as I still feel like a student and not as someone ready to work in design.