Portfolio critique please!...


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Hi all,

Glad I've stumbled across this site... It's difficult and risky to ask people at work for a critique on your new website! :/

If people could give me there thoughts on my portfolio and branding below that would be much appreciated.


Quick background, I'm a mid weight designer, been in my first job for 3/4 years and looking at moving on and built this site to showcase my work.

I'm procrastinating regarding a few aspects of my site, but would be good to see what others think.

Many thanks all!
Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. I really like the C+M fixings identity. A few suggestions regarding your overall portfolio...

First, it's not immediately clear what the website is about. I'd recommend adding in a few lines on the index page explaining that you're a designer who offers XYZ services. It gives people an idea about you, and is also important for SEO too.

Secondly, I'd personally get rid of the category thumbnail on the index page, and maybe replace these with actual thumbnails of work, perhaps a selected project from each category? At the moment, they act as a barrier between a visitor and your work, plus the links in the sidebar on the left provide a quicker, simpler, and less obtrusive means of navigation.

Thirdly, I think you need to provide a little context with each project, just explaining a little about it, what you did, the aims, etc. It's nice to just have a little bit of information accompanying a piece of work.

Fourthly (is that even a word?), the shadow on this image makes it look like a printed leaflet or something, but it's actually a web page? I notice that you've included a version mocked up on an iPad. I'd maybe do a larger version of this rather than just having the shadow.

I'd also suggest adding a little more to your About page, or possibly taking some information from your CV and applying it there instead. An 'About' page is often the second port of call for a website visitor, especially if they like your work, so it's worthwhile taking sometime to develop it a little.

Finally, I'd merge the Branding and Identity categories, but that's just me.
Hey Paul, cheers for the response, much appreciated.

A lot of what you've said makes sense. I'll look at adjusting! I'm going to change the landing page to the about section, my copy is actually already on my behance site, so I can drop this in as and when. I'm considering having the about page as a downloadable pdf which is actually sitting as my resume at the moment... We'll see.

Thanks again and would be great to hear off anyone else.