Portfolio Critique please :)

Hi Oliver, welcome to the forum.

Firstly, cool name. Whilst I can't comment on the coding side of the site, there isn't really much I can critique here. The only things I can comment on are the width of the actual site and your logo. The content area seems very thin to me. You're really not giving yourself a lot of room to show off your work. Give yourself some more space. You've got plenty of room there.

Re: your logo, the text part is alright, but the scribbled image of the cup just doesn't fit with it. It seems like 2 parts of 2 different logos put together. I'd say you definitely need to work on those 2 things. Obviously when you get some work on there we can give more feedback.
I just noticed the link to a few pieces of work. Which as I missed it first time round, highlights another issue. It's really not very clear at all. I initially assumed it was just some sort of work based banner, not the actual link to your portfolio. You need to make that link a lot more visible. It's the part of the site that's going to sell you.