Portfolio About Me Bio Help?

Hi guys,

I'm writing my bio for my online portfolio and I'm a little stuck.

I'm trying to avoid the
My name is...
I studied...
I like...
In my spare time I do this...

I don't want to ramble but I also want it to sound a little engaging. I must have wrote and deleted 377382 attempts. This is mainly for the benefit of prospective employers so they can see who I am and what I'm about.

I haven't yet worked as a graphic designer, so I can't talk about past experiences or work.

Any examples you can suggest? I have looked on google and found nothing definitive. Thought I'd ask the advice of people in the business. What do you want to see when employing someone?

Thanks in advance!


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What is the point of the portolio? I assume to get a job? Talk about your education and work experience. If I were your potential employer, I would want to know what fires you to see if you are a good fit for my company.


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Not being mean or anything - but you could go with something relaxed, informative, and humorous.

I sent an email blast last week when we went into a lockdown and basically just said
"Everything is gone Pete Tong out there! if you need anything let me know, design, print or just a chat, pop me an email, zoom or phone call!"

I've been inundated with requests since!


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What online portfolio?

In any case keep it really simple, just give them the elevator speech with links pointing to examples of your work.

In fact I’d make you portfolio the centre of attention and put you blurb at the bottom. And while you might find it boring, the standard works work because that’s what people expect to see.