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I don't really follow much to do with Politicians although the recent news coverage has really made me angry.

Surely if they have fiddled the system they should be punished (in a court of law)? They are just being told to pay it back. If I was on the dole and did a few days work here and there on the side, got caught and then said, sorry i'll pay it back, this wouldn't work and I would be prosecuted. Why should Politicians be any different?

Wasn't it them who came up with the whole system in the first place? (correct me if I am wrong).

In my opinion they are all corrupt and as bad as each other, it's disgusting that they should have been allowed to spend our money to enhance their own lifestyles. One Politician had a second home and all the perks that went with it because he had to travel 30 odd miles to work each day from his main residence, what a f***ing disgrace.

Just had a card through the door today with regards to voting, I have no idea to be honest.
Very sticky subject BH. Feel like they should all do a month in the real work every year, just to realise what the 'average joe' has to deal with. Give them a hard working job on basic rate of pay, in a bedsit with rising damp, shopping at Aldi for the really cheap 'eat to survive' own brand food, with one of those interactive baby doll things to keep them up 60 hours on the trot, and have to use public transport to travel 15 miles and taking 3/4's of an hour.... then and only then will they make desicions that will be benificial to the nation.

Quick rant over....:icon_cursing: