Please review my logo


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Could you please give me a suggestion for my website Food Lovers' Catering


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Hi, It's a big improvement on the existing one, however I think that maybe it could be a bit more compact, maybe move the 'Catering' up a little bit and the image closer to the text, I would also use the same colour for the 'lovers' as the red on the image. I've been staring at this screen since 8 this morning :icon_eek:, so my vision is slightly impaired, so i'd wait to see what other say :icon_biggrin:

Now it's too much, the 'l' and 'f' overlap, it's quite difficult to see, the image still IMO should be closer to the text and the apostrophe also, it looks like it's been randomly placed there.
No offence but I think it looks really amateur, I am no logo designer so cannot give you any pointers other than hire a professional if your business is important to you.
Well, I know what I'd do with it if you asked me to develop it for you, but being a professional designer I don't give that kind of information away!
If you'd like me to quote on creating a logo for you, do get in touch.:icon_biggrin:
I agree you would be far better off getting someone to do a professional design for you, it'll turn out to be better for the business in the long run.