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Hello All,

GF Canvas Prints UK | Home

FYI it was a free domain and i'm testing out different designs so if i need to, i can buy my own

Any suggestions/comments welcome - I know its very bare atm, but if anyone has any templates or ones they know of or have used in the past, i would be thankful if you could post.


EDIT : If anyone would be kind enough to offer to make me a frame or template i would be very thankful
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GF i think your web design works well, however i do think your coporate branding/ID could be stronger. maybe lose the bounding box on your logo. using your initials as the logo is a stong id but you should also try to develop a graphic that you can 'tag' pages and letters/invioces etc. if you would like some help with this please contact me.

other than that i think the user interface of the site is very friendly maybe you could use the space down the sides of the page to dispay products or portfolio quick links.

To me your site just doesn't say canvas printing at all. its more like a holiday rep site promoting Las Vegas vacations.

i think your main image header would be better of having some examples of canvases, or at least giving the impression of a canvas or two.

Its a nice clean site but I just don't think you are pushing your service enough.

Ross's comments on your branding are correct too. Something a little stronger would be good :icon_thumbup:
Thanks for the comments guys - I think i'm going to focus on perfecting the site just after Christmas - I may also be interested in some advertising with GDF :)

About the GF Logo - I don't really have one that i am happy with, have produced 2-3 and am still unhappy! :/

Thanks again,

Totally agree with Pixels Ink.

For me, the first thing that springs to mind is Windows Media Player. It's a nice design, but it sends out the wrong ideas to clients. If I was looking for Canvas Prints and saw that site I'd click off back to google and assume that I'd gone to the wrong place.

It's a harsh bit of feedback, but I think maybe going back to the drawing board would be the best idea.

Also, put more information or something to pad out the front page, it needs a little more I think.

As I say, it's not a bad site, I just believe it's just not right for your business. Totally up to you though dude.
Well, certainly don't take it on that background, I was very tempted to close the image after seeing that. I'd take it on a light, plain carpet.

The angles not bad, needs rotating a little. Oh and make the size much smaller, it takes ages to load.

Nice thick canvas though, can't beat 'em!


i think this might help you Photos to canvas, photos on canvas, pictures to canvas, canvas printing, canvas prints check out your competition... they have a good web-site and it is graphically eye catching. as per our convo the otherday about ur corporate id ... branding is everything. think of a way to display your product that would be individual to your brand/company then keep that continuity running through each of your product lines.

on the pictures i agree with xenonsoft about the angles but i would crop the picture to the edges of the canvas rather than using a background. that way the viewers attention is all on the product not what duvet u have on ur bed etc. also you could lift the cropped image off the page by adding a fient drop shaddow ... hope this helps bud