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I created a few different versions for a personal logo I would like for myself(not for a company). Which ones do you guys prefer and if you have any advice on how to fix it up(without starting over or coming up with something completely different) that would be great.



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The last one (where there is a gap between the G and D) is the only one that looks like a logo - clean and simple. The colours in the circle are a
bit too similar, I would look at more contrasting colours. Not keen on the font underneath, maybe try it in caps and a bit bolder or bigger.

If I was doing it, I would get a pencil and paper, start with a circle, and make the G and D fit inside that circle in two semicircles.


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Honestly... they all suck if I'm being totally honest.

It feels like you're missing a lot of the fundamentals for design, which seeing as it seems your 'business' is going to be design is quite concerning....

As wardy said you really need to go back the basics of pencil and paper first.


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To what end? What is the point of a personal logo? What are you wanting to achieve?

Can I ask what stage you are at? Are you still at school?


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Think of how your logo will look in a black or a white silhouette. You should still have a interesting shape. These will be black or white circles. Like others have said I would fill up three or four pages of a sketch book. If I could any advice on what's here it would be to take the GD of the last example and remove it from the circle and use that as the starting point.