Please critique my hypnotherapy website


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I recently finished a website for one of my clients:
She is a hypnotherapist that has her therapy located near the sea (hence the wavy theme).

Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Very curious to what could be improved!


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It's a bit dark:
I'd assume that's because you need to accept the cookie down the bottom..... or at least that's what I'm assuming it says next to the cookie icon because I don't understand Scandinavian (I'm guessing)


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You are correct.

It’s not good UX. the cookie consent should block you from using the site.


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The responsive site needs work. Google Page Speed Insights scored the site 7/100.
I'd strongly recommend referencing this from a technical standpoint.


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Justify the Text in whole website
[Banner Images] Increase slides 4-5 to tell more about your business
Make all the Importation information at "above the fold" - like email, contact number and social media icons