Pimp my Ride

Ok guys & Gals let's see what we are all traveling around in/on as your main form of transport.

My daily user is a Ducati Monster - M1000sie - With a camo sticker job as shown. Blows most beemers/Audi's etc off the road, but i'm sensible and stick the the speed limit officer!



hahaaa nice! do you have leathers to match?

mine is my beloved FTO 2l V6 :)

I like to race boys, because they're rubbish drivers. mostly the ones with 4" cut exhausts who think that makes them go faster haha


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I had a Golf GTTDI Anniversary Edition not so long ago, just like this...

Chipped to 250bhp, the torque was mental, she smoked but went well :icon_biggrin:

Needed a 4 door for the little'un so I now drive a Vauxhall Astra :icon_yucky:
VW Polo, doesn't warrant a picture as I'm sure you all have posters of one on your walls, as it's every man and womans dream car. Seriously though, it has a sunroof and everything.:icon_tongue_smilie:


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I have an old mkIII Golf GTi, coming up to 110k on the clock now and peeps keep telling me to get something new.. it's like an old dog that I can't bring myself to trade in for a new younger puppy, I love my golf, it even smells a bit of wet dog sometimes :icon_biggrin:
Tis but just run in my friend... no need to get rid of the vee dub yet, as they say a volks isn't really run in till it hits the 100,000 mile mark. We have a family passat thats getting close to 175,ooo and still going strong.

Lauralil... no i don't have matching leathers, but you can get them. I prefer the 'all black power ranger' look, especially with the black visor on, as gestering to myopic drivers feels soo much better when they can't see you. but then of cause when you ride away there is alway the number plate, dagnammit!