Pillar Project - brand iconic image contest. Win one Ether - valued around £600 (current price 15/02/18)

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Pillar Project

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We need an iconic image for Pillar.

Imagine you see a Pillar poster, and the words are “Welcome to the future.” What’s the image? Can you find or make that image? Could be a kid wearing goggles and a rocket back pack, could be some kids drawing the Pillar logo on concrete, could be people in the form of the Pillar logo shot from a drone, could be someone holding a Pillar flag on top of a mountain.

Something cool, something iconic – you get the message right away: this way to the future. An image that has emotion.
We’ll pay ONE ETHER to the person who brings us a photo we actually use. You MUST be the originator and have the rights to the photo. There’s no guarantee of a winner. But if we see something we want to use, we’ll pay.

Enter here:<removed>
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There’s no guarantee of a winner. But if we see something we want to use, we’ll pay.

This turned me off straight away. Essentially what you're asking for is work on spec. Myself and many others on this forum are against this approach to work as it encourages the ethos of giving work away with no guarantee of payment. You'd be better off just using the money (actual money, not a crypto) to pay a single designer/illustrator/photographer to produce bespoke work for you.
so lets get this straight...this fantastic opportunity is
  • crowdsourcing
  • pay only if you like it
  • 'payment' in a virtual currency that has no actual value for 99% of the world... it's 'value' can also take a massive drop just like bitcoin did.
  • If I did win and want to use it I'd need to convert ethereum to cash or bitcoin to actually make any use of it which would incur costs, time and in some cases a delay.... and thats assuming the company with said data doesn't get broken in to or you lose your cryptokey etc.
So in essence I could spend a day or two doing this with the hope of potentially getting a virtual paycheck of some random value or I could spend the same time and get normal money I can actually use in a shop 'straight away'.

The OP is basically a cryptocurrency 'locker' as well in case people are interested.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that NO ONE even considers doing this.

@scotty I think you've got yourself confused... that's a pillow, not a pillar :p
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