Photoshop practical exercises?


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Can anyone recommend any websites (or books) that have specific Photoshop exercises/challenges to perform – as opposed to tutorials.

I am not sure how practical this is but, ideally, I would like something that gave out weekly exercises and then followed it up a week or so later with possible solutions. I am not averse to subscription based learning like this, but really am looking for something that requires me to work under my own steam.

I am in that – sort of – intermediate phase as a Photoshop user – lots of theoretical experience but really feeling the need to kick on.
I don't know of anything like this personally, but that's not to say there's nothing out there. If you want a challenge and want to work under your own steam, then maybe pick the work of someone else that you like and attempt to create something similar using your own knowledge. There a loads of different ways to achieve the same thing in Photoshop, and I've found the best way to learn them is to just play around and experiment.