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I'm not sure where I'm going wrong -so please forgive me if i write something that's not relevant i'm just learning! :icon_blushing:

I have an image in Photshop cs3 it prints fine at 100% and is the correct size.

I place it in my indesign cs3 file at the same size -fitted to fill frame proportionally. It looks really jagged.

I then save my indesign file as pdf and it looks jagged at 100% but look perfect zoomed in at 150%

It's bigger than a4 for so I cant get my printer to print it to check it's ok.:icon_Wall:

If/when I send this PDF to a printer to print litho is it going to print smooth and clean?

Thanks for your help.:icon_biggrin:
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open your image in Photoshop and go to Image > Image Size...

What does it say for resolution?

72dpi and above will look fine on screen but anything below 200dpi will look jagged when printed.

Ideally it needs to be 300dpi for print.

What you can do is re-sample an image; basically you go to image > Image size... and uncheck the box that says Re-sample image and input the resolution you want the image to be. This will change the resolution of the image but will either decrease / increase the print size of the resulting image depending on whether you increase or decrease the resolution.

For example:

An A4 image at 72dpi which is re-sampled to 300dpi will now print sharply at 5cm wide x 7 cm high (approx.)

An A6 image at 300dpi which is re-sampled to 72dpi will now print at 44cm wide by 62cm high (approx.) but be very jagged (although it will look fine on screen, but be huge!)

That's sound advice from Pixels Ink but it could also be that the image isn't linked in InDesign therefore it's displaying a low res image within the picture box. If you have moved or updated the image you'll need to re-link the image. Also check that high quality display is selected as the display performance under the object menu. Once the link is in place you'll see the high res image in InDesign. Then I would make a high quality PDF which is under the file menu, Adobe PDF presets, maybe make it 600 dpi to increase the quality. Before all this though make sure the original image is 300dpi or more.

Thank you

Sorry it took so long for me to reply.
Thank you so much for the advice.
I never did get to the bottom of it- but sent it to the printers to check for me, they said it looked fine:icon_dunno:

Got it all back from the printers now and it worked just how I had hoped:icon_biggrin:*phew*