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Can somebody help me please. Somehow, the bottom of my Photoshop canvas has fallen off the bottom of my screen, so I'm unable to drag the corner to resize or see my layer shortcut buttons. A temporary fix is to make the canvas full screen, but it's not suitable as I tend to move between multiple applications frequently. I'm sure it's simple, but a half a day trolling the internet has failed to reveal anything.

I'm on an imac.
I've tried restarting my computer to no avail.

Any ideas for this frustrating problem would be gratefully received, as would an idea as to how I did it in the first place!


sounds weird - can't you trash your Photoshop prefs to reset the window size?

if that doesn't work, take a screen-grab so I can get a better understanding of what you mean
Thanks for the replies. I don't seem to have 'Window > Workspace > Reset Design' but I'm sure I can reset to the default settings if that's the same thing.

Attached is a screengrab of the full screen, so the bottom runs straight into the monitor's frame if you get my drift. Please excuse the naked lady.


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Can you not drag the programs top frame down, making room at the top, then move the whole window up? I don't know if it's different on a Mac
Well Tappertom, you've simultaneously made me feel very happy and very embarrassed, thank you. I imagine in my anger and frustration I managed to overlook the obvious.

Problem solved, thank you.