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I am looking for someone to quote me a price for the design of a photo wheel. I am not very knowledgeable as to what can be done, but I have a collection of images I would like to be present professionally. There is also accompanying text to be fitted in with the pictures. Would any one be interested?
Hi there, i don't know if I'm understanding what you need correctly - can you show us an example of what you mean at all?
As above :icon_biggrin:

Do you mean something like this but photos replacing where the colour is?

What application would this have?

If its for inclusion on your website, would it not be easier to get who ever is producing your site to build it?

If its for a stand alone interactive item for display at weddig fayres etc and on cd rom... My first impression is this would perhaps look a little lost on screen on its own. I think we could come up with something far more impressive!

If you'd be intersted in dicussing this projects application further and possible directions we could help you take it in, please contact me (I've PM'ed you my details)
Hi holly,

I would be able to provide the service you require both web and graphical.
My contact details will be provided via private message.

Many thanks