Photgraphy of work?


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Hi guys,

Does anyone know of anywhere that will give good advice of photographing your print work at home?

I have pretty good camera skills and i have a certain amount of knowledge but it would be good to know some lighting tricks etc that can help me to take decent pics for my portfolio at home with my digital slr.

I know professional shots would be best but money is not endless and it is a struggle getting the equipment when i work full-time too.

Any advice would be helpful.

Do it outside on a cloudy day. That will give you the most even light without any messing about. Got a conservatory? Use that. Failing that, window light is very even, so set up a table right by a window, then use a bit of white foamex or something propped up opposite the window to bounce the light back in and soften the shadows. Put the object to be shot between the window and the reflector. Move the reflector to get the light as you want it.

Oh, and use a tripod.
Thanks for your help guys, I have been trying out some shots with some task lighting which seems to have worked but is a little too bright! A bit of playing round with the direction of the light though and I reckon I have got it. Will be trying out the sunny day pics soon. Anyone know of any sites where they give tuts on photographing your work, would be helpful to advance my skills in this area with some steps to guide me.

Thanks again