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Hi all,

Although I am worried about doing this I'd like to get my portfolio online. Can anyone help me as to how exactly I should go about doing this? I am a graphic designer and designing e-commerce web templates is about as much experience I have when it comes to the web.

Now, I already have my own domain with my own custom personal e-mail address, I would very much like to make use of these again. I'd like my site to look somewhat professional as I obviously want to make a good impression. Seeing as I already have a domain, is there anyway I can get my own site up and running for free or little cost, to show off my work? I didn't want to just chuck all my work in a blog, I like the idea of having my own personal website with an address of my choosing (my domain).

Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
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Cargo is probably your best bet. It's free, and you can easily set the domain name to be your own. Wordpress is popular, but it will require extra cost (web hosting, plus a MySQL database).

Cargo – Sign up
Thanks guys, I'll have a look into Cargo. Paul I have been meaning to get in contact with you. I'm really impressed with your work and you have an intriguing blog, which is very useful and has got me thinking. What would be the best way to get in contact with you privately? I basically have some questions, as it seems as a freelancer, you have gone through what I am currently going through and you took a different approach than I to becoming a freelancer and it very much interests me. If or when you have the time, it could be great to be able to message you for advice from time to time.
Hi guys,

I am now registered with Cargo!
Now I don't want my url to be:
I just want it to simple be
After a bit of a read, I think in order for me to do this, I need to upgrade my account for something like £5.70 per month or £41 per year.
Once I have my account upgraded I can then have my own personal url without the "" at the start.
Is this all correct? I just want to check with you guys before paying out any money.

Thank you.
From what I remember of Cargo, as a free member you simply get a URL -, you can choose a theme from a small selection of designs, and you get space to hold 12 (I think) bits of work.

Paying members get their own URL - (if they want), you can choose from a much larger selection of theme designs, and you get space for unlimited pieces of work.

I'm sure they have a T&C's section that explain the differences.
ok cheers, I just wanted to make sure I understood everything correctly before paying any money.