Personal Trainer Brand & Website

I've recently secured a commission to design a website for a personal trainer, client's budget covers the bare minimums which is basic website design and some business cards. Is happy to just use personal name for the time being, so I'm going to create a style for him which I can use across the website, cards and anything I design for him in the future.

Target demographic is Men from 25-40 years old, no style preferences and very open to ideas.

I'm thinking of using rough, urban textures in combination with a strong, energetic color scheme... I really like the idea of orange on mostly dark textured backgrounds

I'll post my work here as I develop it; constructive critique and of course ideas most welcome
Working on some developing designs with the client now... will be happy enough to post a few soon. My initial layouts for webdesign tend to be quite rough and conceptual - so while I'm confident I can present them to my client face to face and explain my concepts, I'm not nearly brave enough to post them here yet!
It's a little bit "default" looking. Like you may of just unpacked a Wordpress theme and used it?

The line height and the bright fonts on the dark background make it hurt my eyes. It doesn't massively scream homepage or personal trainer to me?
Lol default looking huh? That's the sad thing about wordpress... any website created with a structure - one users will be familiar with at that - is labeled a template build!

No Tony it's not from a template... This site started off from 6 initial concepts mocked up in Photoshop, and then built in wordpress - using one of many basic shells I work with, then engineered together in the o' so modular way which is Wordpress. I'm sorry to hear white on black hurts your eyes must bug you quite often; I advise you keep your distance from BBC iplayer! ;-p

Thanks for commenting anyway, the project is actually finished now so what you see on the site is the finished article. I'm pleased to say my client was very happy with it as am I, and it ticked all the boxes from our brief :)