Personal logo

love the honesty socreative. and i agree.

But i can see it looking well if you do some changes. you can keep the CA symbol but your name needs to be moved somewhere else.
well when its smaller, i use 3 dots instead of 2 with my name, because i realised it didnt look very good smaller.
I quite like the fact the circle worked with the C, thought it was qwerky, but nevermind
Thank you for the feedback!
The CA device is fine - bold, simple, clear - but I wouldn't complete the circle with dots at all and the typography needs work; the 'Ch' thing looks a bit forced and I don't think the text works very well in that position - needs a better overall balance.
I quite like the CA part =)
But I agree that your actual name needs to be moved somewhere else...what if you took out the small circles and curved your name around where the small circles were? Does that make sense? =s Not sure how it would look though and i'm kind of an amateur so it might not be great but its just a suggestion =)
Also I don't like how the 'C' of your name connects to the 'h' so I would just take away the connection.
Is there a font you can find where using lowercase will allow your initals to form a complete circle allowing you name to be removed from the top corner?

"CIRCLE (sun disc, sacred hoop, ring): An ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity."
Thank you for the replys, ive gone back to the drawing bored now andi m having a look at what else i could do with it.

I found it hard to think of something using CA and make it look like a logo, and a bit unique, i didnt even consider that it looked like the peace sign.

Ill get back to it and try and make something else from it.