Personal Logo - Critique Please.

Looks a bit like a cup of coffee. If this is what you're going for then you could stylise it a bit more, perhaps with some slight curves. But yes, it could look like a 'D'.
The CF looks like a Lego person's hand.

I'm not keen on it. There's no real link between the top 2 letters and the word 'design'. 2 very different styles, 1 quite modern and blocky, and 1 very traditional. I'd start again on the CF part.
Yeah i agree, been trying something different, i still want it quite simple, is this too simple?


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I agree, I don't particularly like either. Perhaps you should take a look around at some other design agency websites and check out their branding portfolios. Get some inspiration. Find something you like and work off that. Obviously don't just copy anything but if there's something you like the look of, you'll get an idea of what you want yours to do/feel like and look like.
Personally I feel like your type sizing is slightly off, you don't want to over clutter things by having your type too big; particularly things like "tag lines" (beneath the logo).

Possibly play around with using a smaller font size and play around with the letter spacing a little to create a more spacious feel.