Personal identity design


in my little 2 years of graphic design i;ve had at least 10 identities aha.

I never seem to stick to one.. it assume its because in learning something new all the time atm as I'm quite new to it & at uni but here are my two finals..

Which do you prefer?

Screen Shot 2012-06-28 at 01.17.54.jpg or Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 13.02.36.jpg
(the text on the CR one won't look like that) that was just for a header)

I think both work for me and what I like but what one do you find more visually appealing?
Hi Fruitbat, both of the above designs are great but, rather than focusing on the design, create an identity that you are really comfortable with and reflects you. I toyed with names for quite a while in the beginning before creating the Digital Yak. I tried to focus on what my customers might think and how the company would look for a long time before I realized that unless I wasn't 100% comfortable with the name and identity then it wasn't going to work, take some time and create something your really happy with, from the look of those two designs you should have no trouble creating something that looks amazing once you decide on and identity.