Personal Branding Critique


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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick image of my new logo mock up.

If you want a little bit of information as to the process of coming to this logo then here goes;

Obviously I wanted a self identity simply for resumes and my online portfolio so to avoid looking like a larger company, kept with my initials B.K.
the reason for the hexagon symbol is for quite a few reasons. Firstly, I love seeing hexagons being used in designs and I think there should be more around. again this is a personal brand and my 'lucky number' is six - a hexagon having 6 sides and being equally divisible by six (also cool for tessellation). From a symbolic point of view though a hexagon represents strength and efficiency, something we can thank bees for.

obviously a personal brand is exactly that - a personal representation, so I experimented with fonts until I found one that not only worked with the cut hexagonal shape but represented a similar mood and personality that I (hope) that I convey

Thanks for looking!
Personally I think the hexagon shape is slightly over used nowadays, but it is a nice shape. If I had to offer some criticism, I'd suggest the initials could do with being a little bigger in comparison to the shape. There's quite a lot of white space between the text and the shape which is more noticeable at smaller sizes.