Perfect binding advice

Morning all,

Been approached to produce a brochure/book for a potential new client, going to be roughly70 pages they have guessed, and would like it perfect bound.

This will be my first real go at perfect binding so just thought i would see if anyone can offer any valuable advice on the subject matter.

Am i right in thinking total pages have to be in multiples of 16?

If i put an image across a double page spread how much will be lost due to the spine, and how can i rectify this?

How do i set this out in indesign or is this down to the printer?

All advice appreciated guys, sort of been chucked in at the deep end with this one...
These soft backed books are usually bound by collating a number of folded sections or signatures into page order, they are then rough cut in the spine area to enable the paper to absorb the hot melt adhesive. This area is then wrapped by the cover which is usually on a heavier paper or board stock. The remaining three sides are then trimmed to the books final size. This process gives flexibility and allows the book to be opened and read.

Taken from Point Controls site - hope it helps!!

So 8, or 16 page sections may do the trick, and the printers Imposition software should allow for the 'creep' or image entering the spine area. I would check the detail with the printer ultimately.
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