People Per Hour bidding


Hey troops/troopettes

I am putting together a bid for a brief on PPH and this is the first time that I'm bidding on a graphic design brief (I did a copywriting brief before).

Simple question - how much of my concept should I put forward to the job tender? The brief asks for a logo and packaging concept. I have spent a few days doing my research and development work and have a pretty good idea of what my concept will look like. But I'm just unsure of how to show enough to my bid to entice yet not too much?:icon_confused:

Any advice would be much appreciated! :icon_thumbup:
I'd make use of your copywriting knowledge and write a bid that highlights your strengths and how you can help them. Then maybe explain some vague but enticing ideas that makes them to want to know more.

Beware of people asking to 'see sketches' and other bidders bidding loooowwwwww.
That sounds sensible. I just wondered if any graphic designers actually showed some actual images as a taster but I am aware of the potential risks in doing that. Thanks Paul. :)
I personally wouldn't want to show ideas without having discussed with the 'client' what they actually wanted.

For me at least a short paragraph on PPH probably wouldn't be enough to go on for something like a logo. For other fields of design it could be enough to get ideas flowing depending on how much detail is in the brief.
Yeah, that is exactly why I have felt stuck in writing my proposal. I felt that a simple written brief would not do my ideas and concept much justice yet I run the risk of revealing too much! The perils of marketplaces like PPH I suppose! I did attach an image of my tea packaging design as an example of my style of work.