Paypal - Payments Pro


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Hi People,

Just wondered if anyone on here has experience of building in the Website Payments Pro facility from Paypal into a website.

I ask as we maybe taking on a client, those site will need to involve taking online payments for membership.

They currently have an online payment facility, that is causing a few problems and also have a link to their paypal express checkout as a way of taking payment online and a virtual paypal terminal for taking payment over the phone.

We have quoted to redesign their site, for now just using paypal express checkout - and would like to build in a payment facility within there site at a later date - and where thinking of using Website Payments Pro.

Do any of you guys have experience using website payments pro, if so whats it like? Or do you have any other recommendations?

Also am I correct in saying that if the user chooses to pay via the website payments pro, they don't need a paypal account?

Many thanks in advance.