Part Time Graphic Design Course - Info Request


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Hi guys,

Not been on here in a while.

Mini update: Currently interning at a great Church I've been at for a few years, working partly in the graphics and web area and also in general upkeep of machines etc, the odd jobs! Loving it, the only thing is, I'm not really getting much input, it's a 'learn on the job' sorta thing, and I feel I need some proper training.

I've seen the course by Shillington which is full time or part time, but I could only have time for part time and that doesn't start until September (not to mention the £9k cost).

Basically I'm wondering if there are any Graphic Design / Print Design courses anyone can recommend? I'm based in West Sussex (between London and Brighton) so a train journey either into London or Brighton is feasible.

Really appreciate any advice.

Thanks, Fred.