Paper supplies?

Whose your nearest Paper Co? Rothera and Brereton I think - Leeds. take a look on their website.
The Paper Company - Local Branch Contacts

I use Mason's Paper locally. They have a £70 limit for delivery though.
Brands are: Fizz (but maybe not heavy enough) or Vanguard.

Popset is another (Arjo Wiggins paper) which may be heavy enough. I don't hold a swatch of that though.
Cheers, I'll have a look into them. GF Smith are just down the road but they dont seem to come in that cheap (i guess a sub £100 order with them puts me right at the bottom of the food chain).
Fedrigoni are very good - I print on a lot of their uncoated papers digitally and its nice paper. They offer a nice range of coloured textured uncoated papers too.