Packaging design testing


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Hello everyone. I hope there is someone who could help me!

I am working for a company and we are creating our own packages for different products. We would like to know the best sites or the best ways to test a packaging design (which attracts more attention, etc). We are interested in offered audiences (not our own). I have been reading about SurveyMonkey (they offer their own audiences, however, the one-time survey seems a little bit too expensive as we are planning to have way more).

If you have tried other sites or you know about better ways, please share your experience!

Thank you for your help and answers!


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Well you could post them here :)

Or if you have social media accounts with followers, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc. you could post there and get opinions.

You could setup your own free survey on survey monkey and simply blast it out to people to get feedback.

Have you a database of clients? Is that database clean, i.e., all contacts are updated and been in contact within the last 6 months? If so, you could use MailChimp or Send in Blue and send the packaging to your clients.

You'll need to have your database approved by Mailchimp or send in blue (whoever you use) before sending to have them agree to sending out an email without consent from customers.

This will require you to give a 2 step verification so that customers can verify they want to be on the mailing list or removed. It's a tiny bit of work before getting started.


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You could have the link to your survey in the signature of your email and ask people at the end of the email if they can take a moment to answer the survey.


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Feel free to post them on here if you just want a dozen or so critiques from (mostly) professionals, but if you want to do it properly to the right target audience, isn't that what market research companies are for?
It may be expensive, but at least that way you get it shown to people without it being in the public domain forever.