Options for a single/small run of A6 booklets?

Paul Murray

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I'm looking to get a single copy of a book I've produced for a university brief printed up so I can submit it for marking. I've looked at sites like lulu.com but they only go down to A5 in size.

What are my options for a single copy or a small run (say, 5-10)? I'm not happy with the actual book yet so I don't want to order a huge amount that will just gather dust and am happy to pay extra to have a smaller run.

I spoke to a local printer today but they outsource their digital printing, so I suspect my quote came back with a 'handling fee' attached. These are the specs we discussed:

A6 28pp booklets, plus cover.
Inside: 120gsm (happy to go lighter) CMYK throughout
Cover: 300gsm (happy to go lighter), no printing (need the covers blank)
Saddle stitch

Any suggestions/quotes? I can supply a PDF of the spreads if it helps.
There aren't that many booklet makers that go down to A6...but I know someone who has one and could help you if Scubaprint can't.