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Andy Beckett

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Hi. I'm a bored freelance graphic designer, and I've been trying to find some way to fill the days where I don't have any work on. I noticed people selling prints on Ebay, and thought that might be quite a fun thing to try. I came up with an idea for a series of simple isometric mechanical monsters (don't know why). My plan was to print them professionally on thick board with spot UV over the silhouette of the actual monster. However, obviously that costs a bit, and I was wondering if I was waisting my time and potentially cash. Could you guys have a look at this initial quickie please, and let me know if the style has potential? I'm completely blind to it now.



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It's not really my flavour of art. I like art to be messier, more abstract.

This is where you're going to meet your downfall, art is subjective.

If someone likes it, they like it. If they don't they don't.
I think the isometric stuff does sell, but the ones that work well are big scenes with lots going on and plenty of colour I think.
It's not to my taste in terms of the style of artwork or design but I definitely do see this kind of stuff selling. Follow Wardy's advice and add more to it, as it is a bit bland at the moment.
Haha I like it, reminds me of Futurama. As Wardy says, a full scene would I'm sure attract some attention.