Opinions on Tablets


Sometimes freehand is the only way to achieve a desired effect. Are tablets all they're cracked up to be? Does what you draw reflect well on screen? Does it depend on which one you buy as to the quality of what the screen displays? What price bracket should I be looking at? Questions questions...Please share your opinions:icon_smile:
I personally have a Wacom bamboo (it replaced my A6 Wacom Graphire 3).

Unless you are going to use a tablet 'a lot' then go for one of the smaller Wacom's. At one time I used to only use an A4 Wacom but that was when i was doing a lot of illustrative type work for a specific company.

I've tried a few other brands of tablet but have not found one yet that matches up to Wacom.

Do i win a prize for saying Wacom lots of times?
Yes you win a Wacom:icon_biggrin:

Thanks I'll look into it - I would guess I wouldn't be using it much to start with.
Hi Maddy,

I would definitely agree that Wacom are a great make. I use a Wacom Intuos A4 at work and I think it is brilliant (bit pricey). I am thinking of getting an A5 version for home use - probably about £150.

I still prefer to scan in drawings and then go over them that way as my hand is not the steadiest when it comes to the graphics pen

I love my graphic tablet, takes a bit of getting used to. I've got an A6 Wacom volito. If you're thinking of getting one don't consider anything buy a Wacom.
I used to own a Wacom Intuos A6 Wide tablet, but because I never used it so I sold the Tablet.

Now I regret selling it and want another one!

I definitely recommend Wacom, it's very high quality.

I sometimes use them at Uni, and it's so much quicker to do a lot of things, you will work more efficiently as well once you are used to it - which takes very little time as well.
Hi Maddy,

I've got a Wacom Bamboo, around A5 size. Owned it since late June, but haven't used it too much recently. A good piece of kit, but quite a hefty price tag for a student.

If you're an artist, then I recommend it. For me personally as I don't do too much drawing, it's not a necessity.
Even if you don't do a lot of illustrative work they can become a good replacement for a mouse (imo). A4 and bigger though.
I started with a volito (which is excellent by the way), moved on to a bamboo which was very good too. After that I started doing a lot of digital painting, so I upgraded to a cintiq 12 which is a fantastic piece of kit! The only point I would make is: if you ever decide to go for a cintiq, go for a larger one, not the 12.
I'm thinking about purchasing a tablet myself. Probably get one off ebay as they're a bit cheaper by the looks of things.

But I tihnk Wacom seems to be the way to go and I'm looking at A5 size? Good idea? Should I spend a little more?

Would like to know which model as well because I know there is bamboo and lots of other strange names lol.:icon_smile:
Wacom Intuos 3

I have had a WI3 for almost two years. I think they make so many tasks easier than using a mouse. Whether you are editing photos, drawing paths, illustrating, they are brilliant.

That said, I would never do away with the mouse altogether. I still use the mouse for general use and swap to the pen as needed.

As the new Intuos 4 tablets are out, you should be able to pick up the I3s cheaper. And it helps if you are a student (or have a relation or friend who is), as many places offer discount. (Bless my Fiancée and her Masters).

As for brands, I only really have experience with Wacom. I have seen cheap tablets around, but wouldn't recommend any. You get what you pay for, as with most things. If you shell out 50 quid for a tablet, chances are it will be pretty useless and won't help much (and will probably stay in its box).
Fuzzy uses a Wacom, the all singing and dancing one. Highly recommended and worth the pennies (or pounds shall I say!):icon_smile:
Got myself an A4 Intuos 3 Wacom tablet off ebay which arrived today.

Cost me £200 but is gonna be worth every penny :thumbsup:

It is in mint condition and the mouse hasn't even been used.


Thats an A5 notepad beside it for scale.