Online courses for graphic designers

Nathan C

New Member
Hi everyone.

I’m a graphic designer and have been working as one for the last 6 years.

I’m always looking to get better and I’m currently looking for a course that I can take to improve my skills.

I’m not looking for anything cheap and nasty, a good quality course that will teach me new things and improve my all round skill set. Focused more on the elements of design rather than the tools (Adobe programmes). There’s loads of stuff online but I was wondering if anyone has had experience in using a certain platform/course.

Any help would be appreciated!
Hello - welcome!

What area of graphic design do you operate in?
I work for a marketing agency. Designing for regular everyday companies as part of a wider marketing strategy. As well as Ad-Hoc jobs for some clients too.

Everyday jobs include designing leaflets/posters, magazine adverts, social graphics, vinyl banners, roller banners etc.

Ad Hoc jobs include branding jobs/logo design, signage.
Here are some things to consider:

Beginners should choose a course starting with the basics, while experienced individuals can opt for more advanced content.

Check reviews from other students before enrolling to find the right fit for you. Enjoy the creative journey!