Ongoing Design Associates...


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Hello everyone!

I’ve always built websites for friends, informally, but through word of mouth my work has become more and more frequent. In 2010 I’ve decided to push formally as a company and actually seek out work. My knowledge is pretty general, but it looks like I’m going down the web development route and so I’d love to be in contact with some talented graphic designers, with specific skills in Logo Design and Company Branding to collaborate with.

This is essentially an ongoing, pocket money collaboration to fit in around other projects. For any website, I secure between £50 - £500 for the graphic design.

At this stage I don’t yet know how the year will pan out but I was hoping to have 3 or 4 individuals who would put their names to the project, as associates, and when work comes in we could email around each other and decide how to go forward.

I think this would suit designers in a similar position to me, energised, passionate and explorative.

Because the money is thin a quick turn around is important, so people who are good on email and skype or living in London would be ideal.

I’m sorry if this is a little vague, but you understand the theory? If you’re interested I’d love to see your work and know a little about you. I can email you some further detail about my game plan if you'd like to know.

Many thanks,
-- Dudley.