One-Off Job - Logo has been designed, just needs drawing!


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(I've read the T&C's but apologies if I unintentionally break any rules in this post)

Hey all

I've just launched - Political Opinion On Steroids (Don't click if you're easily offended)
It allows users to create a political page on any topic on their minds and allows users to comment and rate pages, etc, etc
The logo for this is a megaphone with the words SpeekUp! written on it. Currently there is a white and black version (attached, the white one naturally doesn't appear, the only difference is that it's white and the text is transparent through the megaphone)

Basically what I'm after is a light and dark version of the megaphone logo that isn't quite so MS Paint - flat! Maybe a slight gradient to give a 3D effect, a shadow, whatever. Also it needs to generally fit with the layout of the site (so no psycho-deviant-steampunk influences or such things). A smooth, clean, simple and attractive logo.

Not looking for a pro, hobbyists are just as welcome, examples of previous work are brilliant.

I'm looking to pay no more than £20 total, so I think that previous statement will have turned off 99% of people who have read thus far but maybe someone out there fancies it.

If you are interested though, please get in touch.


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