Omniversity : Web design Foundations : CSS Basics


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We are the Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab), an award-winning not-for-profit digitally minded professional community space.

Building on the projects, festivals and workshops we have delivered, we recently launched the Omniversity, an innovative programme of cutting edge courses for professionals within the digital and technology sector.


CSS Basics

Two monday evening sessions : 17th & 24th October 2011

This course looks at looks at Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in detail, the language used to add styling and layout to your HTML content. In this session you will learn fundamental CSS theory such as the box model, the cascade and specificity, how to effectively style your paragraphs, lists, tables, forms, navigation menus and other content, and the basics of layouts using floats and positioning. This session also covers some CSS3 features: shadows, border radius, CSS3 selectors and more.

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