Newsletter/Branding Advice needed

Hi,I have been designing graphics for a CIC company that I am a director of to help us get off the ground. I decided recently to start my own community focused graphic design business.
I have met a client who is impressed with my work. HE owns a business for schooling children that have been expelled from school. He who would like me to do the following for him.
A 6 page news letter (as well as cover) to be delivered electronically.
He wants to be able to use the template/colours/fonts etc for all future newsletter and work packs that he sends out.
He wants to come back to me in the future for these projects.

I am really unsure as to how much I should charge him for this... I am confident I can do it. I wanted to send him a flat rate quote. Any ideas as I am finding it so difficult.


Staff member
Hmmm? It's a one of those "piece of string" questions as it all depends on the content and how much time you want to invest in it.
You could quite literally download a news letter template and alter it a bit in no time at all or you could build something from scratch and really go to town.

I'd guess you could set yourself an hourly rate and multiply it by the time you'd expect it to take?

At the rate that Academies are taking over schools and expelling "challenging kids" I can't see him being short of work or money. ;)
Thanks for the reply! He told me when I met him months ago that I should overcharge at first and then be willing to negotiate on price. I have done so. It will be quite interesting to see how he reacts to this!