Newcomer Needing A New Challenge


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Hi Everyone.

I have just joined this site and am about to undertake learning Web Design and looking forward to it.
any good pointers to get me started would be most welcome.


Start small at first, learn html and css to build static websites. Also learning some graphic design skills wouldn't go amiss.


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Thanks for the advice.
I am still wondering whether to do a course or not,a bit costly I know but this may give me some structure to work to.
How can I pace myself and be disciplined teaching myself??


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I use w3 schools to teach myself bits and pieces. THey have quizzes and interactive elements, so it can be more useful than just reading out of a book. If you want to chat about it just give me a shout, would be interesting to see how much I know myself


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I did have a quick look at w3 school and it looked a bit fague,maybe I should have a longer and better look at it.Did you find it easy to follow and would or did you ever consider a course or are they a waste of time & money??


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I bought a book - easy to flick through/back/forward. Head First are good. HTML and CSS. When you have the basics you can use W3. is good too - you may be able to get 30 days free.