Newbie to Logo Design


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Hi all.

I am a self taught graphic designer and have been doing freelance design work for the past 3 years, however recently I have had an increase in the number of potential clients and previous clients contacting me with regards to logo design. Sadly I have not done logo design before because I don't know the legalities behind them. I am more than capable of offering a logo design service, but what "legal gumpf" surrounds them?

I would really appreciate any advice, or links people can give me on this. Do I need to write up contracts, who owns the copy rights etc... I would really like to expand into logo design as I have had a lot of interest! So any information will be gratefully received!

Many thanks!
I would def look into getting yourself some contracts drawn up to cover yourself for ALL design work you do, I don't know where you'd find a good template though. You don't want to get ripped off.
Hi DigitalSpy, your issue with contracts and logos is pretty much the same with all design work, who owns the IP rights on the design? we'll that's entirely up to you and your client. Personally I sign over all the IP rights to my clients once they have paid the final invoice, is see it as their identity once I'm finished with the design, I add in a caveat to the contract that i can use the image in my portfolio as along as I want and also that they have to notify me if they make changes to it. other designers like to hold onto the IP rights to protect their work, ultimately it's your choice but you would be best to visit a lawyer and have them draw up a contract that allows you to dictate the terms depending on your and your clients wished for each project you work on. hope this helps.