New Website!

Hi, I hate to say it but I think it needs some work. I can't see your logo unless I scroll right to the bottom, even then it is quite small, so maybe move that to the top or put it on the header.

The other designs shown, I presume are some sort of book covers? I think maybe if you had a more diverse range of designs on show - logos, business cards etc maybe it would look more appealing.

But I honestly think that you need to look at it from a customers' perspective. I think they'll be surprised if you don't have a personalised e-mail (e.g) [email protected]

Hope this helps. :)

Thanks for your comments.

You've hit on something about the variation. I work as book cover designer and due to that I unfortunately don't get to do more varied graphic design. I'm trying to get some freelance work to get some more varied designs in my portfolio. I've taken out the design that you mentioned as I didn't intend on it being part of the website, just a design I did for a previous website.

The problem I had with my previous website is you could only access the designs by downloading a pdf and most people said it was time consuming and I paid out quite a lot to have that designed so I actually created this new website using a free web site design service on the net called weebly. I'm restricted on website addresses so I chose perspective as it has some relation with graphic design.

I'd be willing to take a look at your website if you would like me to!


Glad you can take it on board ;)

I'm currently rebuilding my website and the current one isn't up to much. The new one should be ready within the next month, I just need to find time in between jobs to do it.

Thanks , Curtis
Hi Curtis,

I've worked on my website and I've added some more elements to it, including more pages and some navigation. My next aim is to hopefully start adding some freelance work!


HI Greg,

Have looked over your site and think its a big improvement from your past one... to be honest, i still don't really think it shows off how good you are as a graphic designer..

what about downloading a simple template from the internet and editing it in dreamweaver?

Thanks Pete.

I value your opinion and your're right about the graphic design element. It's something that I'm working on. I'm going to expand on the typographic logo I've designed and have the typography in different hues on each page. I'll then go on from there. The main thing for me is I now have a working functional website that I can tweak to improve it. As a book cover designer I have designed hundreds of book covers so I have plenty of designs to choose from but my priority is to get some freelance projects on there to show variety. In my job I'm limited to what I design but I know I have to expand my portfolio with more varied work. What would you suggest are good graphic design projects to add to my portfolio? I have a HND in Graphic Design so have plenty of college projects. I was thinking that maybe I could work on them and improve on them. Maybe treat them like it was some freelance work for clients!