New website - T-shirt design challenges. £1 per sale

Nuno Bento

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ENGIZED ( is a community challenging art lovers and rewarding creativeness around the globe

A new community dedicated to designers and art lovers has arrived. Created by two recent Master’s students in London, Nuno Bento (Portugal) and Aditya Suryadinata (Indonesia), ENGIZED is a platform that “enhances art all around the world by rewarding the artists and engaging in a global community”. This online platform bases on design challenges where artists can submit their own clothing stamp drawings as the community offers feedback and votes for the best ones. The TOP 10 designs are printed on many organic products, such as t-shirts and hoodies, and the artist gets £1 royalty per each sale on the website. Further in time, ENGIZED will increase the prizes and rewards to the participants.

The platform is a breath of fresh air on the existing offer of online clothing design contests as ENGIZED lends the decision power to the community to choose the best designs. Moreover the website brings a whole new spirit to this market by offering a gaming environment, including badges, loyalty points, vouchers and challenges.

Having backgrounds on software engineering and retail, ENGIZED’s founders adjoined their experiences and promote a great involvement in the world of art. The first challenge is already running at where a “How It Works” page with further details on the concept of ENGIZED is available as well as the channels to our social network to keep up-to-date on all the platform’s features.

Check here How It Works page

Have a look and share your thoughts.
Submitting work and competing against other designers for a chance to win a measly £1 per sale?

I think I'll sit this one out to be honest.