New website - feedback appreciated


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Just had a re-design of our site My Vintage and are looking for some honest feedback good or bad! - how easy the site is to navigate, any changes that could/should be made to improve sales, loading times etc

Any feedback would be much appreciated.
First thing takes ages to load, and that's not just my connection!


-Header looks out of place to the rest of the site and a bit squashed and blured.
-Also if you're going to have 'Contact us' in the header, link it to the contact page and just back to the homepage.
-The fading images also look a bit squashed, and should be linked to the item they are showing IMO.
-Dont particularly like the pink boxes.
-I also think that there is too many links, that will just confuse people.
-The payment options also are pixelated.
-THe page is too long IMO, you have the Welcome bit half way down the page, then trends and offers further down, I doubt that people would scroll down this far.
-Logo also isn't easy to make out, which if I was buying something online I would want to see, it's difficult to make out who you are and what you do.
-Top nav links, look too small IMO, I would also have a drop down.


-Optimise images to GIF rather than JPEG.
-Make the container width bigger.
-Design a new header.
-Change content on index page so there is not as much.
-Link images, they are massive ways that users navigate a website, if they see something they like they click it.

I haven't even looked at the coding yet, quite a lot of changes need to be made.