New Website Design Needed

Stationery Direct

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Once the .psd layout is supplied it's up to you to code it and make it fast. Although not ideal, slower sites still rank on google.


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A PSD isn’t going to work. A psd won’t show how the site works on different devices, dropdown menus, page layouts and so on.

what I need is a designer who can provide the style guide for me


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Yes, something I've done in the past - I just hand over PSDs to web devs and they wizardly turn into websites.
Not sure how, don't care.
I supply PSDs they do web.

Web Devs can show you how it works on different devices.
Or you have a designer mockup the look and feel you want for mobile and web devs do that on web devices.

In fact, in the past, I've just handed over a site map (done like a timeline very basic) - then hand over some basic layout that I want.
It comes back as a website somehow.


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That's the problem. I can do all the web dev stuff - I'm just pants at making it look pretty.

I suppose if the PSD looks pretty I can work with this and apply the styles (because that's all it is). Just need someone to make me an offer. I don't need a new website - I just need pretty.


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Happy to work with you - I just wanted to see some examples of your work (without all the annoying animations)


Did you try to scroll? You can see more work there.

Ps: part of the updates I have to make on it, is to put an arrow a with text indicating that you can scroll down as is obvious is not obvious...haha