New Website Design for Review

I can't comment technically speaking, but personally speaking from a design point of view, it all looks a bit plain. The dark grey gradient header, with the light grey background in the content area and the white content boxes is all a bit cold and boring for me. Whilst I'm sure its great from a coding/development point of view, it just doesn't look like much time has been spent on the style and design aspects of the site.
Wow, what an enormous website! To offer some constructive feedback I would explore ways of presenting the content in a more palatable format, as for me, just scanning the page is a task in itself.
I find that a successful site owes a lot to a simple structure - then the design should wrap it all up and present it nicely, or almost compliment the content.

We are actually in the process of totally changing our own site Web Design Solihull | Graphic Design | Forme Creative as it is far too text heavy. We are also bringing the portfolio items into the relevant pages which should consolidate a lot of our content.

Are you tracking site visits with google analytics? If not then I recommend you start to - you'll soon realise how lazy visitors are when navigating through a website.
Hi FormeCreative

You've hit upon the very thing that has had me concerned for a while.

Too much text and bery few images.

Working on this right now. I've also thought that many pages can be sub-divided creating shorter more managable reads...