New to graphic design - any feedback would appreciated


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Hi all,

I`ve been reading up on this forum lately, and decided to have a go at designing the logos for two businesses I plan on setting up in the near future. I`d be interested on any thoughts you have on these, so I can hopefully improve upon them to make them look as professional as possible



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Quick first thoughts: character spacing in the first isn't good and the illustration is a bit 'weedy' for a logo (and appears to be missing an ear!); like the pick device in the second but don't really 'get' the big A.
I think your tiger is super cute but not for a logo as it is.
Maybe think a bit more about the concept behind your logos before you go into the design stage and it will have a lot more substance for sure.
I hope that is useful mate
Thanks for your feedback. I will adjust the character spacing in the first one and try to bulk up the tiger image to make it look less weedy. I do not know how the ear went missing but I will add that back on! If after I`ve changed it doesn`t look good, I will try a few different ideas that I have. The big A in the second one was just to be a bit artistic I think, I`m not sure, but if it doesn`t look right I will change it.

These are the first two I have done, so I definitely don`t expect them to be great. Any pointers are always welcome though. Thanks
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