New software for the creation of paths


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I would like you to check out a new software for the creation of clipping paths and background removal.

It's way faster than Photoshop and yet more accurate!

You can download Aerocut from

Upon a free registration you can try it on up to 10 of your images every month!

The software is freeware and updates are free.

Please let me know if you like it!

I thought I would give it a go to see.

The UI is terrible on my PC (unless it is supposed to look like that?), take a look at the image below, infact it was so bad I couldn't trial the software and un-installed it in the end.

Needs some work me thinks.


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english version

The site and the software are in english, too!
And the original UI does not appear as in your PC.
I thank you for your opinions,

Ah yeah, I see the /en/ version now. But how can you explain the fact that it doesn't look like that, when Damon clearly says it does?