New Site?

Is there any reason why it's all on one page? It might hurt your search engine rankings if there's no depth to your website. Also, your header graphic seems a bit too space hungry, I'd slim it down a bit.
yeh.. sorry but i have to say, number one pet hate - one page websites.

definatly right about header image, way to big and doesnt really have much info in it either.. phone number.. etc

i would think you should use more of the cymk colours, and leave it the way it is with regrads to the text area, bar maybe a font change and the top horizontal bar being a propper nav menu.. i love the three images from the portfolio i think they work really well but how about making them adverisie a diffrent section of your business? eg one part is graphic design, second is web design, third is .. u get the idea

anyways, thats just my two cents :)
I agree with what has been said, one page site will affect rankings and I think there's too much text for what you're trying to do, also the header it too big IMO and I don't really like the margin at the top.

However I like the portfolio.

Yeah, not over keen on the Nav bouncing itself out of sight down the bottom of the page.
Feel like i had the chase it around.....
(Also the word 'Fod' makes me giggle :icon_biggrin:)