New printer for the studio

We have been looking into purchasing a new printer for the studio, been in business now for 8 months and countless times have needed a better printing solution.

Obviously we could do we a good all rounder, not sure if to go with a inkjet or a Laser?

Predominantly be used for chucking out invoices, simple print proofs & general studio paperwork

But might be nice to have a printer that is also capable to do a low run of business cards, small brochures/booklets, business stationary and similar, would maybe need to be able to cope with upto around a 300gsm for this???

Any suggestions / opinions appreciated!

Dont think we can afford anything over £500 so all this might not be possible for this kind of money?
Personally, i would just get a good all rounder laser printer. i dont think the business stationery and booklets etc are going to be used that much and also there are plenty of printers who will do cheap small run business cards etc. plus, they will do a better job than you will, guillotine etc.

so, basically... a good all round office printer i think should be what your looking for..
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