New portfolio website live - Comments!


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Morning all guys,
I have just released my new portfolio website and, if possible, I would like to receive some comments and suggestions about it.

As you will see the structure is very straight forward, the idea (I get from Behance) it was showcase my creative portfolio in the simplest way possible. All comments and suggestions to improve the project are very welcome.

The website is available at

Thank you all very much.
Nice, but there's a lot of pieces to look through. You could maybe reduce the number to just 8/12 of your best examples so as not to overwhelm visitors.
I like the layout of it, and like Paul said, you should think about reducing the amount of examples as to not overwhelm viewers.

2 things that are annoying me about it though. The grey speckley background is doing something mental with my eyes - perhaps I'm just tired? And I'm not keen on the watery ink affect at the bottom, just above the footer.