New Portfolio site, feedback & critique welcomed and appreciated!!

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Hey Guys,

I posted a while back with my personal portfolio and received some really useful feedback. After taking a bit of a break I have decided to rebrand myself and have created another wordpress based website - 20EightCreative | Independent Graphic Design | Essex I'd really like some feedback on this and some advice on what I should be focusing on to gain more clients!

Thanks in advance, really appreciate any comments!

Jodie Bennett | 20EightCreative
Think it looks great, been through all of it and you've got some nice work on there. Not sure if you're aware but some of the descriptions of the projects in your portfolio have some spacing issues? Particularly on the "great minds design" & "Isle of Wight" ones.
Thanks very much for your feedback and noticing the spacing issues! I will definitely look into that now.

I was planning to update the descriptions after all the pictures were up, do you think it's better to keep the descriptions brief or try to explain a little about the projects so people get a better sense of what's going on and the thought process behind it? I always thought it's better to let the work speak for itself, and maybe do some blog posts explaining some of the processes for some particular projects in the future!

Thanks again!
Personally I keep mine short and sweet, I don't believe any of my clients would spend long on my site reading all the descriptions but I know some people feel they're necessary to put the message across. It's a matter of preference I think.
Personally I like to read a little about a project and maybe get some insight into the thought process behind something. I think a couple of paragraphs explaining what's going on is a good idea in most cases. If the project or idea doesn't need explaining, then I probably wouldn't bother writing much :)

Overall I like the design. One thing I'll point out though is the link to your empty resources page. If there's no reason for someone to visit the page, I'd remove the link to it from the navigation bar until there is.
I will bear that in mind and will maybe have a short description for each and maybe a longer for those I feel need more of an explanation! Thanks! I have removed the link from the nav bar. You're right that wasn't too clever!

Thankyou! :)