New Logo Design for my business


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I would like to refresh my business logo.

My first logo came from a 'contest' on a forum similar to this one (it may even have been this one), where a number of designers posted their suggestions and I paid for the one that was best suited. Is this the right place for asking such a question?

Many thanks


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I very much doubt it was from here.

That model is called "crowd sourcing" and it is very much frowned on here as it's seen as exploitative and devalues our industry.

A bit like going to a vegan restaurant and asking for a steak.


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Dully noted, thank you!
No worries.
BTW. I was not telling you off or anything. Just letting you know. ;)

The reason they're a bad thing is that for example, you want a logo designing and you use this model.

Say 20 Designers come up with proposals and each spend four hours making a design.
That's 80 hours and only one Designer gets paid and usually at a lower rate than is normal and the crowdsourcing site takes a cut too.

On the flip side, think of the kind of Designer that these "competitions" attract.
Would a Designer worth their salt be entering them?

On the most part they attract people that are operating in the third world and often as part of design sweat shops being further exploited.
The logo you end up with will often just just be a piece of free clip art freely available on the web or even someone else logo with your business name attached.
Often they are supplied as raster/pixel images that are not really any good for use as a logo and end up having to be re-drawn as vectors.
We've had people approach members of this site asking to vectorise their logo after being stung.

This is why they are not a good thing but these crowdsourcing sites would have you believe otherwise.